Mecatec Vigo vision is being a national and international benchmark in the on site machining sector.


We want to be a benchmark:

Our clients come first and, in order to satisfy them, we listen to their needs, facing any challenge and providing comprehensive and innovating solutions within the highest quality standards, in order to become reliable allies.

We are strongly committed to security standards, the continuous enhancement of our processes and the continuous vocational training of our team; we want to be the company where the best professionals dream to work.


The values of Mecatec Vigo revolve around three main areas:

CLIENT SATISFACTION to achieve this our work will be based in the following values

  • INTEGRITY: by always doing the right thing in the most honest way
  • RESPONSIBILITY: by always doing the right thing because we understand the impact that our projects have on our clients
  • CREATIVITY: by adapting, starting from scratch, anything is possible.
  • CONTINOUS ENHANCEMENT: in our methods, processes and work techniques

OUR STAFF must prove:

  • TO BE PART OF A TEAM: our work team is the best element of our company. Together, we face challenges.
  • PASSION FOR WORK: putting all their energy and effort into the projects entrusted to the company and fully committing themselves to fulfil those projects.
  • INITIATIVE, without evading responsibility.


  • PROFITABILITY in the operations to ensure the company’s long term viability and, in turn, contributing to the profits and employment of the sector.