On site machining of new vessels guarantee the geometric tolerance for the correct working of certain machines and equipment installed on board. Vessels which are more complex technologically (trailing suction hopper, submarines, cable-laying vessels, multipurpose vessels and offshore support vessels) demand stronger building tolerances, thus they need more on site processes when built.

By means of our laser and 3D measuring equipment, we verify and guarantee a correct performance of all our machining.

We adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs, regardless of the machining complexity or dimensions. In the project section we show you some particular works we have carried out.

  • Machining of circular and square flanges for azimuth and retractable thrusters.
  • Drillilng of flanges according to CNC plan.
  • Machining of engine conveyor rollers, pumps conveyor rollers, gear motors conveyor rollers, etc.
  • Machining of crane bases.
  • Broaching of horn tubes, rudder post, housings for equipments and deck machines, etc.
  • Machining of guides for on-board machinery (rail guides for bridge cranes, Spud Carrier guide plates).
  • Shaft and machine series alignment (tail shaft, gear motor, engines…)