About portable spark erosion

Spark erosion is a technique by which metal is disintegrated using an electrode to which we aply a movement and a low voltage electric arc are applied. The entire process is cooled, so there is no transfer of temperature to other zones, and of course no HAZ areas are generated.

The precision with which we can “disintegrate” or cut is very high, so we do not damage the adjacent areas, as in the case of seized studs or bolts, which we can destroy without damaging the thread.

The areas of aplication are multiple, from destroying seized Studs or bolts to making cuts with specific shapes. The working range is wide, from small M3 studs to M200 threads, and the electrodes can be specifically designedand manufactured for any size.

Spark erosion is a very fast method for destroying blocked parts, and with very short response times.


• Destruction of studs of gas and steam turbine casings
• Destruction of studs in pressure equipment, exchangers, pumps, etc. at petrochemical industry.
• Destruction of studs in turbine shafts in the Gas, Hydro and Thermal sectors, etc.
• Cut of pins and shafts blocked in different sectors, marine industry, petrochemical, energy, automotive.
• Cutting and/or cuting of parts hardened by heat treatment.
• Making holes, or cuts with a square shape or complex shapes.